Management consulting

Management consulting is a service that combines work and knowledge of many specialists, a comprehensive approach that is used to formulate a series of activities to solve or prevent problems in the enterprise as a whole.

Stages of this type of activities

  • verification and analysis of the organizational structure of the enterprise
  • verification and analysis of business activity of an enterprise, work with contractors
  • analysis of staffing of the enterprise, its expediency and efficiency
  • analysis of the current situation, identification of the problems
  • identification of the factors that increase costs and reduce profits
  • identification of the existing mechanisms for monitoring each of the main processes of the enterprise
  • conducting audits
  • analysis and suggestions for improvement of the basic processes at the enterprise
  • proposals for managing the efficiency of the enterprise
  • cost management proposals
  • human resources management proposals
  • proposals for the reorganization of the processes and structure of the enterprise
  • proposals for document management
  • conflict management proposals, mediation
  • innovation management.

We will carry out a comprehensive analysis of the activities of your enterprise or its individual units and establish a list of urgent measures to overcome crisis or other unsatisfactory situations in the enterprise. We will provide you with suggestions for improvement and optimization. We will conduct qualitative work with the personnel for  further  tasks performance and enterprise activity control.