Legal services

Interhub Consulting Group provides all types of legal services related to the current activities of enterprises and special needs or cases in business, investment activity in Ukraine, establishment and conduct of business, establishing partnerships with Ukrainian counterparties, relations with state and local self-government bodies. We help to carry out your actions in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and to ensure maximum satisfaction of your needs. Our lawyers work with clients in various fields, help solve both simple and complex tasks, provide professional support in various individual cases.

Interhub Consulting Group clients include the largest retail, financial services, real estate, food, agro-industry (agriculture), IT sector, manufacturing sector.

We provide various types of legal services

  • legal services for enterprises
  • help and advice with new business registration
  • help and advice with business reorganization
  • assistance and advice for various types of real estate operations
  • consultations on tax and financial law
  • consultation and assistance in solving issues within the framework of labor law, registration of various types of documents, and establishing a scheme for the relationship between the employer and the employee
  • consultation and assistance in resolving issues under different types of rights.

Interhub Consulting Group provides services that combine legal, commercial and business components. Our lawyers work closely with specialists in other areas, such as tax consultants, auditors, and managers. Thus, we have the opportunity to provide the highest quality support and provide the most effective solutions in the legal field.