Investment consulting

Interhub consulting group carries out an analysis of investment attractive objects on request and provides services for full support of the investment project.

Preparation of an investment project

  • subjective geolocation of investment (definition of sphere and region of activity)
  • analysis of the resource component (research on natural, infrastructural, financial, labor and other resources depending on the future field of activity)
  • financial analysis of investment efficiency
  • assessment of the risks of the investment project and development of measures for their minimization
  • development of investment strategy and business plan
  • development of an investment memorandum

Accompaniment of the investment project

  • legal support for the project (preparation and signing of an investment agreement, consultations on labor (temporary or permanent residence cards for foreign workers, visa support, etc.), currency legislation, etc.)
  • integrated consulting support for foreign investors (All in 1).

Outsourcing development and support services for investment project

  • financial and economic unit (definition of financial model of investment project, outsourcing of accounting, etc.)
  • legal unit (complete comprehensive legal support of the investment project).

Due Diligence (analysis of financial and economic activity of the enterprise) is a comprehensive verification of the enterprise to form an objective opinion about the investment object.

Due Diligence is often conducted when buying a company or its share and is a system of measures aimed to provide an information on the legal and commercial attractiveness of the investment project.

Due Diligence is a financial and legal review of the company. Interhub consulting group collects and analyzes all existing company documents, determines solvency and assesses the risks associated with the company’s activities.

Legal Due Diligence is

  • information about the formation of an enterprise
  • information about  the ownership of the corporate rights
  • information about property rights
  • information about intangible assets – availability, ownership, correctness of execution
  • information about the existence of collateral corporate rights
  • information about loan agreements
  • information about the main terms of the contracts with suppliers, buyers, other agreements
  • information about litigation
  • information about availability of necessary licenses and permits
  • personnel audit.

Financial Due Diligence (internal financial audit) includes:

  • an analysis of the company’s revenue and expenditure structure
  • estimation of the integrity and correctness concerning expenses internal document circulation at the enterprise
  • analysis of fixed assets
  • analysis of the company’s investments
  • analysis of accounts receivable
  • analysis of company shares: structure, cost, dynamics
  • analysis of accounts payable
  • analysis of loan agreements and liabilities: structure of loans, volume of loans, credit conditions
  • analysis of contingent liabilities (fines, penalties, guarantees issued to secure third-party debts, pledges etc.)
  • analysis of the completeness and reliability of accounting for assets and liabilities reflected in the enterprise balance sheet.

Risk Management

As in any other market there is always potential of risks here in Ukraine. In order to protect the business from unforeseen costs, it is necessary to introduce control mechanisms such as

  • financial and economic planning
  • optimization of the internal control system
  • audit of compliance
  • study and risk assessment in current activities.