Business consulting, turnkey projects

We provide services for the projects of foreign companies in Ukraine. Our clients are companies that are planning to enter the Ukrainian market, as well as those that are already working but need support. We provide services for such companies in legal, financial field, help with search of premises, their reconstruction and adaptation to the needs of the client. We help with recruiting staff and working with existing staff. We help to monitor the performance of all types of work at the initial stage and during the business activity.

A very important step at any activity stage for the enterprise is  an efficient selection and  the right choice  of contractors and partners. Interhub consulting group has extensive experience working with companies in various industries and a large database of companies in various fields of business. We have the opportunity to satisfy the customer’s requests.
Among our services are also the selection and analysis of information on the legislative regulation of a particular type of activity, market research, collection of statistical data.

Our services

  • analytical market research, collection of statistical data
  • development of a business plan, its implementation
  • SWOT-analysis on entering the Ukrainian market
  • financial and tax advice on choosing a business entity
  • company registration (all legal aspects, appointment of temporary officials, representation in all necessary structures)
  • formation of  partners and contractors database
  • comparative analysis of competitors’ activities, benchmarking
  • search and adaptation of real estate objects
  • outsourcing of the necessary specialists
  • brokerage services
  • financial, tax management and reporting, reporting of the company
  • recruitment, payment and payroll services
  • corporate compliance audit
  • financial, tax, personnel audit
  • other services for the provision of activities at the local level
  • assistance in obtaining the necessary permits and licenses
  • provision of translation services.

We help you get started, run and control that will enable you to implement your plans with minimal risks and in the legal field. We involve in such projects all the necessary specialists, who form the final qualitative product.